Antiparos is a small and picturesque island in the Cyclades complex. The island’s laid back vibe and beautiful landscapes, along with its cosmopolitan flair and intrinsic elegance, attract many visitors during the summer months. Some of the visitors have private summer residences on the island, while others choose from the various accommodation options available. With regards to its beaches, Antiparos has many picture-perfect coasts, preserving an all-things natural philosophy; no umbrellas or sunbed fixtures, only the sand, the waves and the sun. Still, for those who prefer an organized beach, the island offers this option as well. Antiparos is also a paradise for sailing lovers, with numerous coves and close by little islands to explore. Also, visitors who are eager for watersports can try one of the many water ski and kite surfing schools in Paros, which is only 15 minutes by ferry.

One of the main places of interest in Antiparos is its famous cave, with intact stalactites and stalagmites from the ancient years. Also, to a very close proximity in the south west of Antiparos, there is Despotiko, an uninhabited island of great archaeological importance, featuring one of the most significant ancient sanctuaries dedicated to the ancient Greek god Apollo. There are frequent boat transfers daily to Despotiko, for tourists who want to visit and have a swim at the island’s magnificent sandy beach. However, for more discerning visitors, there’s the option of hiring a private speedboat or an inflatable boat, with or without a skipper.

When it comes to entertainment, Antiparos offers multiple and diverse options, not only during the daytime but also in terms of nightlife, with many restaurants and bars. Visitors can enjoy different cuisines, from fine-dining experiences, to classic Greek specialties. Thankfully, the island has managed to maintain its traditional elements, remaining untouched from mass tourism.

Last but not least, Antiparos has an emerging artistic scene. Every year there are various cultural happenings such as art exhibitions, literary readings, dance performances, and concerts, adding to the island’s attractions list.

Antiparos island
Tinos island


Located in the Aegean Sea in the Cyclades archipelago, Tinos is one of the most beautiful and diverse Greek islands. It has a uniquely varied landscape, with endless sandy beaches juxtaposing beautiful imposing mountains.

Tinos is mostly renowned for being a major tourist and religious site for Orthodox Greeks. Every year, thousands of pilgrims come to the island for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. This church is the most important pilgrimage site for Orthodox Greeks as well as Tinos’ emblematic monument.

But Tinos has many more must-see places and landmarks; traditional villages like Volax, Pyrgos and Panormos, beautiful monasteries like Kechrovouni and Loutra, and also mount Exomvourgo where visitors can choose a hiking route and also see the remains of an ancient Venetian stronghold. The island is also renowned for its hundreds of dovecotes. These dovecotes are built like true works of art by the inhabitants of Tinos with ornate and well-crafted facades.

It is also worth noting that Tinos has a significant artistic dimension, being the birthplace of some major artists who founded the modern Greek art scene. For this reason the island has several art museums and hosts a very successful art festival every year, with participating artists from all over the world.

Tinos is a place that visitors can’t get enough of… For those who just want the iconic Greek summer holiday, the island has numerous beaches with crystal clear waters and amazing diving spots. For watersports’ lovers, the are various kitesurfing and water ski facilities around the island. Tinos is also famous for its great cuisine and traditional recipes, with many tavernas and restaurants to choose from.

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